I Am Heresy: Thy Will

Boysetsfire mainman brings his hardcore values back to bear

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If you discovered punk or hardcore a decade or so ago, the name Nathan Gray will be familiar to you as the voice of the hugely underrated Boysetsfire, whose mixture of politically motivated, singer/songwriter storytelling and furiously heavy punk was among the best the genre had to offer.

I Am Heresy is his latest project and it’s inspiring to hear his knack for melody, intelligent turns of phrase and throat-ripping, righteous indignation burns just as brightly as it ever did. The rest of his band are no slouches either. Heavier and resolutely more old school – most notably on the thrashing, solo-heavy Destruction Anthems – than BSF, I Am Heresy offer a glimpse of what you wish hardcore would represent in 2014.

These are no bandwagon-hopping, cookie cutter, scene kids – this is a band committed to stripping the paint from your walls with white hot noise, although with Nathan in the mix you’re never too far away from a brain-hugging chorus or memorable melodic vocal line. He’s still got it, now you should go get this.