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Humanfly: Darker Later

Leeds post-hardcore doom revivalists strike blackened gold.

It’s perhaps not surprising to hear of a UK post-hardcore group who have switched gears to become a valve amp-worshiping, acid-munching doom revivalists.

But the fact the Humanfly have managed to mix both dark arts together without losing any impact is something for celebration.Like Cathedral, they have carried the anarcho-punk tradition of anti-fascist and collectivist rhetoric over into the world of doom metal, but are far less pastoral, coming on more like a blazing hybrid of Electric Wizard and High On Fire.

Refreshingly, they’re not trying to hide their grinding, angular background on such tracks as the Neurosis-influenced This Is Where Your Parents Fucked and The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Me.

They visit calmer waters with chiming 12-strings for Darker Later, but this is only the calm before the storm of Heavy Black Snow, which sees the band joined by Rose Kemp for a Sleep-like epic.