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Heart: Fanatic (Live)

As good as they ever were - back to the future!

Since 2004, when they brought in guitarist Craig Bartock, sisters Anne and Nancy Wilson have rebuilt Heart in the style of their hard-rockin', occasionally folky, band of the 70s. Now, with this collection (also on DVD/Blu-ray) that renaissance is complete.

From the use of John Paul-Jones’s In The Light intro, through Mashallah! and 59 Crash (rockers from 2012’s Fanatic) to the closing thunder of the classic Barracuda, this is Heart in their Zep-sty ledpomp - occasionally boosted by a string section led by Ben Mink. Even MTV-era hits These Dreams and What About Love are superbly updated. More than a just great performance, this stands as a reaffirmation of Heart for fans who lost interest in the 80s.