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Hashish - A Product Of Hashish album review

The drugs don’t work for ambient Swedes' disappointing debut

Hashish A Product Of Hashish album cover

Psychedelic record collector, garage-rocker and label boss Stefan Kéry invites you aboard a Pan Am charter flight to ecstasy, in this ambient exercise in splicing blissed-out sounds from the 70s and 90s. Ibiza, the White Island beloved by Kevin Ayers’ hippie generation before its rave rebirth, could be the location of the ‘tropic beaches’ in Fly Away.

Filthily squelching keyboards and bubbling bass meet flutes and harps, waves of distortion wash in and out, and The Light Pt.II’s brassy synths, kraken wails and layered detail are an accomplished climax. The new take on psychedelic dislocation Kéry promises, though, is more sophisticated kitsch than a son of Sgt. Pepper.