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Harvestman - Music For Megaliths album review

Neurosis co-frontman returns to the higher frequencies

Cover art for Harvestman - Music For Megaliths album

Neurosis’s Steve von Till’s third offering as Harvestman is an experimental nexus within which form, structure and genre are arbitrary and on which he plays a diverse array of instrumentation, from effects-laden electronica to the hurdy gurdy, painstakingly put together at his Idaho home studio. Accordingly, the record has a personal feel. It’s a glimpse into the inner workings of a singular artist intent on seeing between the ley lines, and in the linking of modern instrumentation with ancient inspiration, creating a continuum between past and future. From the ancestral rite of The Forest Is Our Temple, its harmonic reverence offset with a pulsating sense of foreboding, to the serene electronic ambience of Ring Of Sentinels and the darkly vibrating power of Cromlech, a cosmic resonance within echoes eternity. Music For Megaliths acts as a meditative anchor, reaffirming our increasingly forgotten connection to nature whilst seeking to unlock our untapped potential.