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GT: Beats Misplaced

Beat on the southern brats.

There’s a humid haze hovering above Alabama psychedelic grunge trio GT’s debut album that reflects their dislocation with life in America’s sweltering Deep South, although non-residents may only pick up a sense of overbearing lethargy.

While the opening Growing Together kicks in with purposeful intent, other tracks struggle to leave a lasting mark, like the spacey Something’s Wrong With My Mind that builds a promising aura of menace but eventually stalls and settles for repetition. Or the swirling Life Is... that’s let down by uninspiring lyrics such as ‘Life is not always alright’, which is unlikely to adorn your neighbourhood wall any time soon.

The exception is Lake Arthur Sunrise that portrays an eyeball-prickling dawn before the hallucinogens have worn off. Nothing wrong with the lo-fi production either, but the occasionally slapdash approach doesn’t help and the stop-start rhythms of Real Good Sex are a bit too much of a giveaway.

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