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Graveyard: Innocence & Decadence

Clutching at the future.

It doesn’t start promisingly: Magnetic Shunk seems like a routine stoner romp. But then halfway through it soars into a joyous blues shuffle, and from there this album never falters.

The fourth release from these Swedes, Innocence & Decadence has much in common with Clutch, in that the band go in various musical directions which are seemingly spontaneous, and have an individual twist. You feel this sparkle on the brooding Exit97, and smell it throughout the smouldering Too Much Is Not Enough.

The appeal here is that, although the musicianship never falters, Graveyard imbue every song with an excitable intention. Can’t Walk Out struts along a funky groove, Far Too Close glows with slowly fuelled warmth, and Stay For A Song ends the album with a cavalcade of beautiful yet mournful simplicity.

This album takes Graveyard into a new realm, marking them as modern blues-rock craftsmen par excellence.

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