Godsized: Time

Anthemic rockers prove they can go the distance

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You have to hand it to them; where other bands have jacked it in after thankless years chasing that elusive record deal, Godsized keep battling the current. It hasn’t landed them with a contract so far (a travesty!) but their plaudits fall in other areas.

Still riding high on the back of a momentous support tour with Black Label Society, they’ve honed their muscular heavy rock to a point where their fledging status is a speck in the ether. _ _

Time is a mature, polished collection of songs that finally spans longer than an EP, giving these Brits time to run the gamut of hulking riffs, blues-laden hooks and Alter Bridge-type anthems that have already coxed words like ‘kick ass’ from excited fans.

Recorded mostly as live takes, their straightforward, salt-of-the-earth Southern-style rock is the flipside to technical and progressive grooves that abound, done by a bunch of steadfast lads from Blighty who have the riffs and the beards to rival Wylde and co. And you can’t really argue with that!