Godsized: Heavy Lies The Crown

Britain’s biker rockers fail to find any shade

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Often compared to Black Label Society, the problem with Godsized is that they’re a far better band than they seem prepared to show here. The foursome are so intent on keeping all pedals pressed firmly to the floor that they do neither themselves nor the songs true justice.

It all works well on petrol-pumping plunges like Welcome To Hell or Never A Better Time, when getting right in your face is exactly what’s required, but things fall down as soon as something more supple is required.

You hear the problem on Push Against The Tide and Web Of Lies. These demand a touch of flexibility to allow the groove to open up, but instead they get buried in a rampant, breathless assault. Annoyingly, just when you’re about to give up on the album, Godsized deliver Pay Your Debt, when it all comes together brilliantly.

Suddenly they’re more like early Whitesnake, dismissing a tiresomely dominant tendency for over-amped biker frenzy. Heavy Lies The Crown doesn’t lack for potential, but it’s too rarely realised./o:p