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Ginger Wildheart: Year Of The Fanclub

Handpicked compilation from the prolific rocker.

Out of three dozen or so songs recorded last year for his GASS subscription project, Ginger’s cherry-picked his favourite 12. And he’s chosen wisely.

From the introductory beat of Down The Dip to Honour, a surprisingly harmonious collaboration with Courtney Love, Year Of The Fanclub has you hooked from the off. With only a slight whiff of Wildhearts influence, the record is a hotbed of diversity, and the perfect platform for Ginger’s lyrical skills; The Pendine Incident is a folky onslaught of life advice, while a more cynical side is highlighted by the exceedingly catchy Toxins And Tea.

Gentle acoustic tracks are booted aside by hard-rock riffs (Ostracide) so the album packs a solid punch, with choruses that’ll glue themselves to your auditory cortex for days and, as ever, a beat that just won’t quit.