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Ghost - Ceremony And Devotion album review

The Popestar tour in all its live glory

Cover art for Ghost - Ceremony And Devotion album

With a work ethic that is as old-school as it is arduous, Ghost continue to recreate the work of the 70s and 80s bands that have gone before them – BÖC’s spooked out metal, Alice Cooper’s greasepaint and panache – with the last bastion of the glory days of rock’n’roll: the double live album.

As enigmatic as they are enthralling, Ghost go through nameless ghouls like a tornado tearing through a wheatfield. Not that it matters, as frontman aside, it’s not like anyone could ever pick any of the band out of a line-up. It certainly hasn’t bothered their US audience, hooting and hollering every choreographed move on this slick run-through of the greatest thing about Ghost: their songs; the shimmering Ciricie, the thundering Square Hammer, the brooding Year Zero, bright sparks all, fuelling Ghost’s fire.