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Leeds rockers prove their class with album number three.

When it was announced that Gentlemans Pistols had signed a global record deal with Nuclear Blast last year, it was a real cause for celebration for those that have cherished and championed the band since their 2003 formation.

It shows that hard work can and so often does pay off – something embedded within the rich history of the blues – and on Hustler’s Row, the band seize their chance and amply repay the label’s faith.

Caped in supple harmonies and swaggering rhythms that cast your mind back to sunnier seasons, the Pistols have you singing along almost instantly. While The Searcher and Devil’s Advocate On Call are sterling slices of hard rock, the balladry of Stress And Confusion is their best moment to date: a song that explodes emphatically in its final throes and gives the album its true masterpiece.