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Gaudi - Magnetic album review

Stellar cast play stellar space music

Gaudi - Magnetic album artwork

Given access to the library of multitrack master tapes of the RareNoise Records output, London-based composer Daniele Gaudi dug deep into the vaults and constructed something entirely new and different from the fabric and materials there.

Emphatically not remixes of existing music, this is perhaps more reminiscent of the spirit of Bill Laswell mix translations where one element is grafted onto another. Thus there are some impressive virtual line-ups fashioned from sessions that included players such as Laswell; Killing Joke’s Ted Parsons; Buckethead; P-Tree’s Colin Edwin; Crimson’s Pat Mastelotto and Tony Levin; Japan’s Steve Jansen; Roger Eno; and Eric Mouquet, better known as Deep Forest. With much of the album’s eight tracks inculcated with an infectious dance-infused electronica, Gaudi’s compositions emanate a ponderous solemnity that burrows deep into the consciousness. However, it’s the beguiling sonic space where the heart of this album resides. Resonating in cavernous, bespoke settings, Gaudi’s finely wrought production variously conjures echoing dub interiors, shimmering stadium-sized environs and intimate arbours. An attractive, compelling space for the head.