From Eden To Exile - Modern Disdain album review

Midlands groove metallers find more positivity than personality

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I’m SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“382971c8-e8d1-4280-b9cc-ed71756346f9” id=“3ec8562e-3c72-420b-8981-dfbf76076df8”>living all my dreams!’ screams Eden To Exile’s vocalist Matt Dyne on Modern Disdain’s closing track. But this UK five-piece’s debut full-length is only a dream in the mind of someone who’s never heard Bleed From Within. It’s cookie-cutter groove metal with dashes of melodeath less in keeping with In Flames’ best and more Shadows Falls’ gutter. Occasionally a song like The Dreamer will venture near The Black Dahlia Murder’s more highbrow material, but never enough to make a proper impression. Matt’s strongman delivery is the record’s seller, appropriating a Randy Blythe snarl and going all Jamey Jasta with it: ‘One moment is all it takes to make a change!’ and so on. There’s some chunky beatdowns and commendable dexterity bubbling through Gospel Untold’s percussive undercurrent, but this is just another formulaic metal record. Given 2017’s morphing metal landscape and the exceeding quality it’s pumping out, From Eden To Exile will need to up their game.