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Forming The Void - Relic album review

Regression therapy cranked up to 11

Cover art for Forming The Void - Relic album

Imagine stumbling onto a time machine in some dusty, forgotten corner, but it can only take you to 1972 or 1993. That’s the vision Louisiana wizard-rockers Forming The Void have created on this big ol’ chunk of slumbering, lumbering slabbage.

It’s the kinda thing that only dudes who haunt record stores all day would create: a towering, majestic ode to their old Captain Beyond records and Alice In Chains cassettes. It’s a juicy, smoky, doom-rock sandwich laced with crackling neo-grunge and a bucket of slimy green southern-fried sludge.

It ends with a delightfullybananas, acid-engorged cover of Kashmir and the rest of it sounds a fully bearded Melvins geeking out on King Crimson for seven or eight minutes at a time. This is either shrug-worthy or the best news you’ve heard all week, depending entirely on your opinion of the first six Sabbath records. It’s called Relic on purpose, man.