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FM - Atomic Generation album review

One of the FM’s best

FM - Atomic Generation
FM - Atomic Generation

FM - Atomic Generation

1. Black Magic
2. Too Much of a Good Thing
3. Killed by Love
4. In It for the Money
5. Golden Days
6. Playing Tricks on Me
7. Make the Best of What You Got
8. Follow Your Heart
9. Do You Love Me Enough
10. Stronger
11. Love is the Law

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It would be easy for FM to coast, to make an acceptable album with little effort. But while there are others of their vintage who’d do exactly that, FM have risen to the challenge and made one of the best albums of their career. 

Moreover, they’ve done it by pushing themselves on all fronts. When they need a sumptuous approach, then it drips with richly smooth timbre, as on Golden Days and Too Much Of A Good Thing. When there’s a call for a funk rock groove, it’s conjured up with In It For The Money. And if it’s more of a Stevie Wonder vibe that’s required, they’ve got the answer with Playing Tricks On Me. Stronger has Mk II Deep Purple written right across its barrel-chested anthemic presentation, while Follow Your Heart wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Foreigner album. 

Everything here has been lovingly crafted for maximum melodic intent. This is a band with a sense of pride.