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Flying Joes: Let It Out

Back to basics with a bang for the Canadian blues-rockers.

With the world going so obviously to hell in a handcart, sometimes it’s good to retreat to a place where rock’n’roll needn’t be anything more complicated than it was at its source.

From Montreal, the Flying Joes share The Black Crowes’ fascination with 70s blues-rock, but with plenty of powder in their keg to power things along.

The country-flecked Sunday Afternoon, raucous and built to be played live, is literally a song about hanging out in the living room, eating popcorn and drinking beer, and even when they get a little more socially motivated on Do The Right Thing, they weld it to a rolling chorus of infinite Def Leppard-like catchiness.

Solos wail, they find their blues-boogie mojo in I’ve Gone Missing, and they’re clearly having an absolute blast on behalf of us all.