Fashion Week - So Last Season album review

NYC noise rockers bring more clamour than glamour

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That this is less an album and more a collection of unrelated, unreleased material may explain why So Last Season feels like such a noisy, live jam session, in part at least. Fashion Week guitarist/vocalist John Lozano has a history of making uncomfortable, unsettling music with Unsane, Jarboe and Shai Hulud amongst others, so what connects the songs here is the wilfully antagonistic amounts of excess noise that FW conjure up. Their cover of Helmet’s classic I Know comes complete with a wailing harmonica solo, and makes the original sound like a Nickelback radio rock stomper. It’s not just empty bluster without craft either; the title track starts by recalling the more shimmering, technical and, whisper it, melodic moments of Mastodon and Baroness, and Little Black Dress begins with some beautiful piano and emotional vocals – although on both occasions Fashion Week decide to smash everything to pieces in another bout of white hot noise almost immediately. If you like music that’s unpredictable and untamed then you will have a field day having your senses battered here.