Exit Ten: Give Me Infinity

Brit rock bluster with charisma to burn.

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Three years on from Exit Ten’s widely praised debut album, Give Me Infinity represents a huge leap forward, and the confident and classy realisation of this Reading quintet’s potential.

Bold, dramatic and tinged with disarming melancholy, songs such as Curtain Call and How Will We Tire suggest that Exit Ten have taken to exploring the outer limits of their stirring, epic sound, with subtle shades of Tool and Porcupine Tree underpinning what is still, at its core, a joyous exercise in balls-out melodic rock.

These are strong, memorable songs that should enchant fans of everything from thudding metal to intelligent indie, while the band’s slight propensity for overwrought emoting ensures that it will all sound glorious when, as seems inevitable, Exit Ten start playing arenas.