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Euphoria Audio: Euphoria Audio

Wakefield quartet find what they’re looking for.

You want anthemic rock? The full arms-aloft, mobile-phones-in-the-air, girlfriend-squirming- on-your-shoulders caboodle? You got it. This Wakefield quartet have the style down to a fine art – the slow, deliberate build-up with thudding bass and low, portentous vocals gathering pace before erupting in a heroic chorus.

It sounds simple enough but who knew there were so many variations on the theme? There clearly are, and Euphoria Audio have them all covered. You’ve got to sound convincing too. Crucially, singer Matt Shirty has the voice for it, and the others know their roles.

Sure, you can tick off the influences one by one, from U2 to Simple Minds to Def Leppard, but what kind of self-respecting anthemic rock fan does that? It’s an LA production too – big, but not overreaching. Now Euphoria Audio have to back up the big album with big deeds, at a big level. It’s a big ask.