Entrails: Obliteration

Sweden’s classic death metallers prove their home supremacy

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With the whole Swedeath revival on the verge of saturation and tons of second-rate acts from such un-Swedish places as Italy (Profanal), Poland (Incarnated) or even Malaysia (Lavatory) flooding the market, it’s time someone from the land of the HM-2 pedal and the Sunlight studio set the record straight. Entrails are the right men for the job.

Contemporaries of Entombed and co, they initially split up before putting out anything officially and since their reactivation by mainman Jimmy Lundqvist seven years ago, their sole goal seems to be to recoup that lost time.

Proud of its roots, like its three predecessors Obliteration wears its buzzsaw guitar on its sleeves and is clearly aimed at those who never recovered from Left Hand Path. But these Swedes know their home turf perfectly, its limits and how to play with them.

Closer in spirit to Grave, they also have a grindcore drummer who loves to blast (General Surgery’s Adde Mitroulis) and a new lead guitarist whose mournful solos darken even more this damped cemetery. Classic Swedeath the way it should always be!/o:p