Endezzma: Erotik Nekrosis

Norse black metallers bear the weight of a fallen brother

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Five years between your debut EP and first album is a long wait, especially in a scene like black metal with literally thousands of bands churning out records. So no doubt Endezzma were happy to have a new album ready when tragedy hit. Guitarist Trondr – also with Urgehal and Beastcraft amongst others – died after completing the record.

From the off, Erotik Nekrosis is instantly recognisable as a Norwegian black metal album – no surprise really given that members have a lineage going back to 1992 and the emergence of the scene there. Predominantly mid-paced although with the odd blastbeat thrown in, with all the elements you’d expect of a Norwegian BM band, there are similarities to the classic Norse sounds of early Emperor, Gorgoroth and 1349, but when they slow down you may hear touches of Koldbrann, too.

From icy, jagged riffs to gloriously majestic Bathory-esque epics via spooky keyboard backings, it is very much what you’d expect from the land of the fjords. What is less traditional perhaps is the proliferation of virtuoso guitar solos. All in all a fitting tribute to Trondr Nefas.