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Eluveitie: Slania (10 Years) album review

Swiss folk-metal rabble Eluveitie look back on looking back with Slania (10 Years)

Eluveitie album cover

A year after Turisas released the pivotal The Varangian Way, Eluveitie turned heads with Slania, which drew from the visceral stylistics of Gothenburg metal

They have a gazillion members, which onstage is quite the spectacle, and while Slania didn’t take Eluveitie big time, it did present a band who were intensely dedicated to the cause. 

Getting through 28 musicians in their time – not including guests – their medieval musical weaponry is an intelligent re-enactment of authentic folk ingredients

On Slania you’ll hear violin, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and flute, creating pastures of historical re-enactment. With a 10-year perspective, this re-release represents Eluveitie surpassing folk metal boundaries by invoking a brutal 21st-century DM evolution – it’s a must-have for the horn-wielding hordes.

For Fans Of: Finntroll, Ensiferum, In Flames