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Eleanora – Allure album review

More molten emotion from Eleanora – Belgium’s sonic cauldron

Belgium’s underground is rife with creativity and in Allure, Eleanora explore their influences in a myriad of darkened ways.

Hardcore and sludge play off against desolate doom while incorporating elements of screamo in an emotionally abrasive album.

Sovereign In Mind, Subjected To Kind pushes forth on harsh tones that lay over a driving drumbeat, and a range of vocals that twist into each other. My Scepter, Sword Of Vengeance downshifts into cavernous bass and an underlying riff that occasionally shines through the darkness to embrace a bittersweet melody, giving Eleanora another, more sorrowful dimension. It’s no surprise that this band have been affiliated with masters Amenra, but they have more than enough ability to become great in their own right, rather than a mere homage. Allure is soulful, expansive and deadly, with closer Telos embodying those fundamentals in a thrilling 16-minute ride to the outer limits.