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Eddie Spaghetti: Sundowner

Eddie goes wild in the country... again.

Anyone familiar with the solo output of Supersuckers mainman Eddie Spaghetti will know that he doesn’t just throw in the odd cover here and there. No sir, he likes nothing more than trawling through his record collection, unearthing all sorts of odds and sods, and retooling ‘em Spaghetti country style.

And so it is with effort number three.

The originals are enjoyable enough – opener Never Thought That I Would and the title track make themselves at home almost straight away and a reworking of the Suckers’ Marie highlights the touching lyrics all the more.

But the real fun comes with the slew of covers. Dean Martin’s Party Dolls and Wine is authentically reimagined as a swinging country tune, as is sick punkers the Dwarves’ Everybody’s Girl, which gets a very convincing twangy makeover. Additional highlights come in the form Dave Dudley’s Cowboy Boots, Del Reeves’s Girl On The Billboard and the Lee Harvey Oswald Band’s Jesus Never Lived On Mars.

If anyone can convincingly blur the line between shit-kicking rock and country music, it’s Mr Spaghetti.