Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children - For The Ages To Come album review

Former Soundtrack Of Our Lives man passes on his legacy

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Often, when presented with new music based on much-loved 60s classics, our response is lukewarm and we find ourselves drawn back to the source for a proper fix. We’ve had a change of heart with this solo album from Ebbot Lundberg, former frontman of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, joining forces here with The Indigo Children.

On first inspection, opener Backdrop People bears the familiar hallmarks of TSOOL but, from thereon in, things take some interesting twists and turns. Title track For The Ages, with lyrical references to ‘burning up the candles’ at the expense of future generations, is one of the more reflective pieces. The trippiest number – also the longest at six and a half minutes – is Calling From Heaven, its Pet Sounds harmonies beefed up with brass, stinging guitar and meandering sitar. (It turns out to be a cover of a song originally by Los Pekenikes.) The other cover, Don’t Blow Your Mind, is a reworking of a relic from Alice Cooper’s garage band The Spiders, blasting away the cobwebs with some primeval heavy riffing. Fans will welcome the return of Ebbot Lundberg’s inventive melodic psychedelia and the epic final track is enticingly titled To Be Continued. Let’s hope so.