Earth Crisis: Salvation Of Innocents

NY metalcore originals expand the blueprint

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Formed in 1989, Earth Crisis arguably pioneered metalcore and maintained a solid fanbase ever since. They’ve never been that adventurous in terms of songwriting but fast-paced lead single The Morbid Glare shows them moving out of their comfort zone with great success.

Album opener De-Desensitize is less spectacular but Out Of The Cages offers catchiness and a breakdown to pick things up and Devoted To Death should stand the test of time live.

Shiver is the most distinctive track on this anti-vivisection concept album but an example of where their experimental attitude doesn’t quite nail it. Slow and growling with solid riffs but a dragging chorus, it’s memorable but unrewarding. Still, there is a lot of groove and Ian Edwards’ basslines are striking.

Known for their straightedge vegan lifestyle, Earth Crisis have partnered with Black Mask Studio and their lyrics tie in with new comic book Liberator, which will feature artwork from Chicago-based illustrator Menton3. It’s good to see these veterans taking a stand again.