DVD Review: The Rolling Stones

From The Vault – Live At The Tokyo Dome (EAGLE ROCK)

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1990 live set sees rock ‘veterans’ in fine fettle.

The goalposts haven’t half moved when it comes to age in rock‘n’roll. When these Stones shows were performed, some 26 years ago, Jagger and Richards were both 46 years old. That’s younger than Noel Gallagher or Dave Grohl are now, yet they’d already spent a good decade being dismissed as The Strolling Bones: ageing old farts who surely couldn’t carry on this lark much longer.

Admittedly, on the evidence of this fourth and chronologically latest instalment of the ‘From The Vault Live’ series, Keef already has a certain embalmed look about him, but if you can disregard Jagger’s rather eye-bleeding outfits, the Stones still look and sound in timeless form. It helps that much of the setlist comes from their turn-of-the-70s peak period, a medley of 2000 Light Years and Sympathy For The Devil. The accompanying sleevenotes and photo booklet adds some welcome context to this snapshot of an evergreen blues-rock phenomenon.