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Donnie Vie: Wrapped Around My Middle Finger

Enuff Z’Nuff singer wears his Beatles influence solo too.

hanks to a toxic mix of bad timing, chemical-induced self-sabotage and one of the worst names in the history of music, Enuff Z’Nuff never truly fulfilled the Beatles-in-cowboy-boots promise of their early albums.

That they’re still a going concern 20-odd years on suggests either a dedication to the cause of rock’n’roll or an inability to get anything like a proper job.

The third solo album from mainman Donnie Vie dials down the multi-coloured chaos of his day job, even if it never totally abandons the singer’s fondness for all things Fab. Vie’s mid-period-Lennon rasp roots the dreamy psychedelia of Wunderland halfway between Chicago and Liverpool, while Lisa makes off with the riff from Day Tripper.

But for all the homage, there are some great songs at the heart of the record. And, ultimately, that’s what counts.