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Dodecahedron - Kwintessens album review

Dystopian dynamics from Tilburg’s avant-black soothsayers

Cover art for Dodecahedron - Kwintessens album

Following the likes of Deathspell Omega down mankind’s cataclysmic chasm, Dutchmen Dodecahedron drag black metal kicking and screaming into our increasingly authoritarian present. Prelude is a military march driven by a savage snare, an apocalyptic herald beset by confusion; the sound of modernity’s rabble eating itself alive as it marches over the oncoming precipice that is Tetrahedron – The Culling Of The Unwanted From The Earth. It’s a depressingly accurate anthem for our times as M. Eikenaar snarls and rasps, revelling in chaos, omnipresent blasts fluctuating amidst atmospheres of strained guitar. 

Hexahedron – Tilling The Soil’s melancholic swirl allows for a moment of mourning before once again revelling in horror. Interlude’s seething electro-buzz is one of scant few exhalations, the eye of the storm before the continued fall from grace that is Octahedron – Harbinger – a death slide borne on hyperblasts and asphyxiating absence. Somehow such terrors manage to engage infectiously, a noxious wall of sound that doesn’t sacrifice musical sensibility for intensity. Kwintessens paints a compelling bleak picture of our impending future.