Discharge: End Of Days

Punk legends save their best ’til the endtimes

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Having influenced just about every heavy band on the planet, not to mention spawning an entire genre in d-beat, it goes without saying that Discharge are pretty damn special.

That said, it’s been eight years since their last album, Disensitise, and while it was undoubtedly a fine record, it ironically sounded more like one of the many bands they’ve inspired than the real deal. Make no mistake, End Of Days is the real fucking deal. It doesn’t hurt that new frontman JJ Janiak has a roar that sounds remarkably like original singer Kelvin ‘Cal’ Morris, and this sounds like a band who are leading the pack again rather than playing catch-up.

“If we are attacked by nuclear weapons, these are the warning sounds you must recognise,” begins the colossal title track, and it’s proper, classic Discharge: brutal and uncompromising.

Other standout tracks include The Broken Law and Hatebomb, and with only one track, The Terror Alert, seeming more filler than killer, End Of Days is already an easy contender for an album of the year.