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DiMino: Old Habits Die Hard

Ex-Angel vocalist can’t let it lie.

Discovered in 1975 by Gene Simmons, Angel materialised on stage in a puff of smoke, just like magic. Although the American band persist with just vocalist Frank DiMino and drummer Barry Brant intact from their heyday, on this side of the pond, it’s almost like they never existed at all.

Angel didn’t play the UK and their most recent album dates back to 1999. So Angel-ites reacted with a mix of joy and astonishment when Old Habits… appeared on the Frontiers release schedule. Frank DiMino is back?! No frickin’ way!

Sadly, despite a guitar solo from former bandmate Punky Meadows and a song co-written with Brant, this doesn’t sound much like Angel. That’s the downside. However, it’s great to hear DiMino’s foghorn-esque tones again, and the music is lively, robust and hook-laden.

Cameos from Skynyrd’s Rickey Medlocke, Oz Fox from Stryper and Twisted Sister’s Eddie ‘Fingers’ Ojeda among others help to keep things interesting./o:p