Denouncement Pyre – Black Sun Abound album review

Australian black thrashers Denouncement Pyre take a sinister turn with new album, reviewed here

Denouncement Pyre album cover

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Even if the musicians would probably beg to differ, with bands like Nocturnal Graves and Coffin Lust already around, on paper it’s hard to see what Denouncement Pyre are trying to achieve.

Then again, all three bands share members, the same filthy black/thrash roots and a desire to evolve towards something more subtle without losing track of where they’re coming from, yet all under the sign of a Scandinavian black mark.

But out of all the three, Denouncement Pyre may be the one willing to go the furthest. Following 2013’s Almighty Arcanum album, they’re now infusing their relentless and very Australian (i.e. wild and untamed) original energy with dread atmospheres and tortuous melodies that will still surprise many. It’s especially blatant in terms of dynamics; the vocal lines and strong choruses lead the way here as much as the thrashy riffs and when in blasting mood, there’s always a spiralling hook on the top of it. You could argue they now sound more Swedish than ever – who screamed ‘Watain’? – but their transformation is a winning one.