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Dave Edmunds: On Guitar... Rags & Classics

Classics done for fun.

If the idea of Dave Edmunds performing an instrumental version of Wuthering Heights appeals to you, then you’re mad. But you also have a point.

Partially asking the question, “What would Roy Buchanan do in the 21st century?” and partially clearly just having fun, Edmunds and his one-man band cover a wide range of classic songs, from God Only Knows (with its soundalike backing track) to R Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly.

It’s a long way, at times, from Edmunds’ trademark rock’n’roll and Spector pastiches but it somehow works, and as the songs move from epic AOR hits to country and soul (Black Mountain Rag and Green Onions), it gets a lot more fun, too.

And in what might be a nod to his first ever instrumental hit – Love Sculpture’s Sabre Dance – he plays out on a delightful twang through Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. Engaging in every way./o:p