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Dark New Day: New Tradition

Supergroup’s sophomore release – at long last.

A ‘supergroup’ of sorts – featuring various members of Sevendust, Virgos Merlot and Evanescence – this album has been a very long time coming and was originally planned as a follow-up to 2005’s Twelve Year Silence.

Various scheduling and contractual problems have kept these songs hanging around until now, so what would probably have sounded pretty stellar in the wake of nu metal comes across as ever so slightly dated.

That said, rather than delivering wanton GBH on the earholes, there’s an even balance of light and shade, with bruisers such as Fist From The Sky and I Don’t Need You leavened by the more melodic likes of Sorry and Sunday.

There’s some real songwriting prowess on show, but world-changing this ain’t.