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Dan Terminus - Automated Refrains album review

Synthwave’s takeover continues… with panpipes

Cover art for Dan Terminus - Automated Refrains album

How can you improve upon the knockout formula laid down by Perturbator, Carpenter Brut and their underground-conquering ilk? Added panpipes, motherfucker. Chances are you’ll have taken one glance at the For Fans Of section and already worked out whether you’ll fall for Dan Terminus’s keyed-up, 80s-powered charms or not, and to be fair – extra woodwind aside – there’s not exactly a whole lot here that synthwave aficionados won’t already be overfamiliar with. But, honestly, who cares when it’s this goddamn brilliant? Automated Refrains is the perfect soundtrack to the action series you never knew existed, from the marauding, eight-bit-friendly stomp of Fall Of The Ancient World (seriously, dose panpipes, doe), to the breakneck, Space Invaders-on-acid rave of Margaritifer, to the sumptuous, sunset-and-chill vibes of Dirge Of The Ancient Machines. Lush. Synthwave is taking over, and we are here for it.

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