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Cut In The Hill Gang: Mean Black Cat

The garage cats that got the double cream.

According to Cut In The Hill Gang’s MySpace profile, the mood they are currently in is ‘crazy’. Yep, we can hear that on this all-covers blues-funk-rock- freakout. So who’s making this soul-shaking, throat-mangling, mashed-potato racket?

Cincinatti’s Johnny Walker, vocalist with garage rock hotshots Soledad Brothers and his mongrel back-up. This is a man who knows a thing or two about garage and R&B, and this album started as a tribute 7-inch but was too good to waste.

Ripping through a ten-song shockwave of tracks by MC5, John Lee Hooker, Gary US Bonds, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Spaceman 3, it’s a surly, rock’n’souling punch in the gut, sometimes Yardbirds, sometimes Bo Diddley, always 1000 per cent conviction. It breathes down your neck. It screams in your face. That’s what they aimed for – and it sounds awesome.

Catch their next album on – of course – their old mucker Jack White’s label, Third Man.

Jo Kendall

Embracing weird, wild and wonderful sounds, Prog's Associate Editor Jo's also a Classic Rock columnist, an avid tea-drinker and cupcake fancier.