Culture Killer: Throes Of Mankind

Fast-rising Floridian hardcore crew turn up the heat

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Having started out in 2013, it’s been one hell of a speedy route that hardcore crew Culture Killer have taken to get to where, just two short years and one EP later, they’re now releasing their debut full-length with a major metal label.

And a fairly impressive debut Throes Of Mankind is, too. Opening tracks Blindfolded Death and Path Of Reflection kick things off to a pounding start and prove to be a fine way of setting out the stall for the pit-bothering hardcore that continues unabated until instrumental Throes injects a more exploratory break to the midpoint of proceedings.

It’s a short-lived moment, though, before the bouncing, chugging riffs and throaty (and it’s got to be said, sometimes sloppy) vocals of Ian Campbell return to kick things back into beatdown territories with Justice Through Retaliation. Sophisticated stuff it isn’t, but that’s not what Throes… is about.

This is music designed to make you want to get up on your feet, clench your fist and smash things – and that it does.