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Corey Taylor: You’re Making Me Hate You

All hope is gone.

Corey Taylor is Mr Angry. And you can tell this book is going to be a marathon rant early on when he spends four pages describing some guy throwing up. No expletives have been deleted; quite the opposite, in fact.

The object of the Slipknot singer’s ire is, as the title implies, the rest of us. Whether we’re dawdling across the road ahead of him or clogging up the airport queue in front of him we are all dumb-ass fucks who need to be pulverised, scraped off the floor and dumped in the nearest dog-poo container.

The relentless theme of the book is that we are selfish, inconsiderate people making his life hell, although whether this is a result of nature or nurture gets scant attention in the ongoing diatribe.

To be fair, it does occasionally dawn on Taylor that he too may be part of the problem. But he has his excuses ready./o:p