Cocaine Piss album review – The Dancer

Snotty noise from the mean streets of, erm, Liège – it's the new album from Cocaine Piss

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They make a horrible, disjointed racket with songtitles like Sex Weirdos and Shiny Pants and they have one of the best band names of all time. What’s not to like?

This follow-up to the Belgian scamps’ 2015 debut is another ridiculously invigorating blast of noise-punk chaos, recorded and mixed by Steve Albini and done and dusted within 22 frantic minutes. Vocalist Aurélie is the star of the show, with a high-pitched yelp that will delight Melt-Banana fans and annoy the merry fuck out of everyone else.

Meanwhile, her comrades serve up short, vicious songs that teeter on the brink of collapse while getting right up in your face, spraying you with feedback and spittle. Songs like Sport Things – 96 seconds of demented thrash-punk that sounds like it could’ve been made up on the spot – are small, mischievous acts of rebellion, with bizarre hooks emerging from the melee like Molotov cocktails lobbed from the heart of a rioting mob. In Belgium.