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CKY - The Phoenix album review

Jackass-associated weirdos return from the wilderness

Cover art for CKY - The Phoenix album

In the near-decade since their last album proper, CKY have lost two bassists and two singers, and gained one of the bassists back – all amid more histrionics than a sixth-form Theatre Studies class. The Phoenix (real subtle name, guys) marks the band’s return as a trio, fronted by founding guitarist Chad I Ginsburg, and while Deron Miller’s absence isn’t felt as keenly as one might expect, his spirit looms large in the form of Chad’s impression of him. It’s occasionally distracting – not least Chad’s enunciation of ‘soul’ and ‘control’ on Days Of Self Destruction, which also features Mastodon’s Brent Hinds – but that aside, it’s pretty much business as usual. After all, this isn’t a band who have ever suffered from a riff deficit and the aforementioned Days Of Self Destruction and Lies From You are instantly recognisable as CKY, with their trademark garage-metal stomp. At just eight tracks – one for every year since their last album – there’s no chance for The Phoenix to outstay its welcome, resulting in a surprisingly engaging, fun pop-metal album.