Carousel Vertigo - Revenge Of Rock And Roll album review

The spirit of the 70s lives on

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Album number two, and Carousel Vertigo’s classic rock mission continues with 10 tracks that expand on their 2013 debut album Mighty.

It’s taken them a while, but with a bit of Humble Pie here, a smidgeon of Deep Purple there and more than a pinch of vintage Whitesnake, this is an eclectic grab-bag of rock’n’ roll that flaunts its 70s influences proudly but ultimately manages to forge its own identity. Stand-outs include the title track with its Stax-style horn section, the Whitesnake and Bad Companyflavoured No More Hesitatin’ and the mean-assed riffing of Get It On which owes more to Rocksera Aerosmith than to T. Rex.

For aficionados of hirsute 70s rock everywhere.