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Capsize – A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me album review

Melodic metalcore crew Capsize test out some new waters with new album

Capsize album cover

Capsize’s 2015 album, You Can’t Come Home The Same, introduced clean vocals and more dynamic fretwork to their typically melodic hardcore sound.

Their new full-length dials this approach up even further and passionate new single XX (I Sew My Eyes) gives a good guide of what to expect.

You Got The Wrong Idea with its sticky melodies, Split My Soul, which boasts some heavy roars and snappier pacing, and dreamy ballad Safe Place all suit the experimental direction. While the vulnerable vocals might frustrate older fans, it makes for more interesting songwriting and I Think It’s Best We Don’t Talk Anymore gets the heavy but hooky balance just right. It takes a while to get used to the shift in style but this SoCal quartet give us an abrasive reintroduction as uplifting as it is catchy.