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Candice Night: Starlight Starbright

Children’s favourites.

While hubby Ritchie Blackmore prepares to briefly reprise his role as a rock guitar legend, Candice Night has surrendered to her inner child, courtesy of the joys of motherhood.

If you can get past the opening Rock A Bye Baby lullaby and somehow forget that Annie’s Song is lurking further along, there are a couple of diverting Disney classics and cute covers of Marilyn Monroe’s Down In The Meadow, Faith Hill’s Fireflies, Plumb’s dance hit In My Arms and Kenny Loggins’ Return To Pooh Corner. But the treacly treatment smothers their charms.

Ritchie gets a couple of co-writes, and daughter Autumn continues the family tradition with some lyrics. But it’s a sanitised vision of childhood with no tantrums, snot or even grazed knees.