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Bright Curse – Before The Shore album review

London’s soulful retro-rockers Bright Curse turn up the power with new album

Bright Curse, album cover

Following up their self-titled EP, a recent single and some highly acclaimed live performances, London-based Bright Curse’s debut album is a refreshingly uplifting blast of gutsy, 70s-inspired stoner rock, played with passion and high energy that puts the power back into the classic power-trio formula.

Beyond The Shore certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but the band are unmatched in sheer power and vitality, with a winning chemistry of giant Sabbath grooves, rising and falling to create an infectious, feelgood swagger and stomp. There’s plenty of bass-heavy rumble to get heads nodding without resorting to doomy, downtuned depths, and a steady battery of hard-hitting percussion, not to mention some cowbell and Hammond organ for good measure. Bright Curse clearly sound like they’re having the time of their lives kicking out the jams – a quality especially evident through the powerful, show-stealing vocals of guitarist Romain Daut, who soars above each composition, creating a soulful intensity rarely accomplished of late.