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Bree - New Skin album review

Let it Bree.

Bree New Skin album cover

Kicked out of her father’s religious cult at 17, Bree endured several years of nomadic hard knocks, drug episodes and dodgy relationships before landing in Nashville’s vibrant band scene, where she met her drummer boyfriend and bassist. She recorded an album with Bob Ezrin’s engineer, and this follow-up is her first UK release.

Damn, I’m Being Me Again and Broken thrust an energetic mix of punk-driven guitars topped with in-your-face vocals, which are so hotwired by 21st century studio sheen they often resemble the kind of X Factor noise clustered on teen iPods.

As such, Bree could grab that post-Britney teenage rebel girl market and be huge with boys too. With that backstory, she at least deserves it.