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Brant Bjork - Europe ’16 album review

A live primer for novices, and a reaffirmation for the faithful

Cover art for Brant Bjork - Europe ’16 album

Much like the effects of the marijuana leaf that adorns the cover of this live album, time becomes a relatively meaningless concept in the world of former Kyuss and Fu Manchu drummer, and multi-instrumentalist Brant Bjork. So while the album title tells us the music was recorded in 2016, the overall vibe is rooted deep in ’72.

In keeping with the weed-fuelled vibes of those far off days, this live album sees Bjork and his band stretch out those de-tuned and tar pit-thick riffs into extended and exploratory wig outs. So it is that Low End Punk becomes a head-nodding 10-minute groove while Lazy Bones-Automatic Fantastic floats away on multi-coloured psychedelic waters. Elsewhere, Buddha Time lurches forward, its guitars dragged through parched desert dust.

Alas, the album suffers from too many fade-outs, thus making it feel more like a ‘Best Of’ but these are still effective hits from the bong.