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Born From Pain: Dance With The Devil

Dutch hardcore unit bring some buddies to the pit

Born From Pain’s seventh album reaffirms that the Dutch five-piece still do a killer job of injecting straight-up old-school hardcore with a modern, spirited twist that’s guaranteed to get a pit riled. While groove and rhythm are still the band’s middle names, their aggression is indisputable.

Rob Franssen’s vocals are as strong as ever, but some of the most exciting tracks feature guest appearances this time around. Terror’s Scott Vogel appears on Bleed The Poison, the massively brutal Truth Of The Streets features Matthi from Nasty, and Def P lays down rap vocals on Stand Free. Meanwhile, the title track houses an equally unexpected and delicious guitar solo.

But, while the variety runs deep, the tracks form a neatly cohesive whole. The band’s indulgence for spoken word also comes to life again with ominous interludes that dial up the discomfort throughout. As if this wasn’t packed with enough, BFP close with a hidden, can-you-guess-it instrumental homage to a classic rock anthem. These guys set their own rules./o:p