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Boris The Blade album review – Warpath

Melbourne’s metal marauders consolidate their arsenal with new album

Boris The Blade album cover

Anticipation for antipodean metal is at an all-time high right now – something that Melbourne’s Boris The Blade could capitalise on if they continue to build on the promise of 2014’s The Human Hive.

Warpath is kind of more of the same – not that that’s a bad thing. BTB deal in a pulverising brand of tech-death, and when they connect with a home run, as on the atmospheric, creeping spidery riff of Nihilist and the devastating… er… Devastator, they’d give Thy Art Is Murder a damn good spanking. Unfortunately they miss the target a couple of times. Paralysed starts slow, never really builds much momentum and seems to rely solely on an average mosh call for its kicks. Despite the odd ho-hum moment, Warpath, although bringing nothing new, is a step up in quality and thoroughly enjoyable.

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