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BongCauldron - Binge album review

West Yorkshire boozehounds extend their welcome

Cover art for BongCauldron - Binge album

BongCauldron aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel with their piss-tainted brand of sludge rock, they’d rather crack you over the head with it. Hairy, lairy, and with tongues firmly in cheek, the power of a low-slung riff with ample groove is felt throughout this full-length debut. Opener Devil boogies like a pissed-off Clutch, Toxic Boglin jukes and jives like prime Orange Goblin, and 68’s Motörhead-inspired gait contrasts nicely with its doom sections. Unfortunately, the title track is lumbering and drawn-out, resulting in a loss of momentum. The equally lengthy Bigfoot Reigns kicks up a stink during its first half but its droning ending serves no purpose. BongCauldron would be better off honing short and traditionally structured songs in the vein of bucking closer Yorkshire Born, which will certainly spill many a pint when played live.